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Since 1983, the Law Office of Mark B. Morse, LLC has been dedicated to representing individuals, families and small businesses throughout Greater Providence. Over the decades, Attorney Mark Morse has obtained many successful results on behalf of his clients. We're proud of those results because we know the difference we've made in our clients' lives.

Read on to see what some of our clients are saying about Attorney Morse. And if you have any questions or need help with a legal matter, contact us today. Call 401-831-0555.


"Hives, tongue swelling, throat closing... when I had a severe allergic and life-threatening reaction (anaphylactic shock) in front of my 2 young children, from nuts that were not supposed to be on my ice cream, it was not only the scariest experience of my life but also a long and grueling physical recovery.

Then to make matters worse, I experienced a secondary allergic reaction to the different medications the doctors prescribed for my treatment. Back and forth I went to the ER as they tried to adjust my medication and control my hives. This went on for weeks and because I was on such strong drugs I could not care for my children at this time and I could not work. This was incredibly mentally and financially stressful on my family.

So, I called Attorney Mark Morse's office to see if I had a case and if I could receive compensation for my medical bills that were accruing along with any of my lost wages. I found Mark to be warm and professional and his knowledge, skill and expertise were evident immediately in our conversation.

So I hired him and so happy that I did. I couldn't have asked for more from an Attorney. He was there for me if I had any questions or concerns. I completely felt supported and knew I was in the best of hands.

My case was settled and I was well and fairly compensated.

On behalf of my whole family we thank you Mark and certainly do know why you have been voted BEST Attorney in Rhode Island for so many years.

Thanks Again,"

Ramona: East Providence, RI


"I just want to write you and say what a great job you and your staff have done for us. I want to thank you and your staff for helping us. It means a lot to us because we don't have much and every little bit helps. My daughter is moving back to Rhode Island and I have a lot of family members in Rhode Island. If any one of them need a lawyer I will do everything I can to get them to call you first and see if you want their case. ... Again. Thank you."

HI and KI 1/15/07


"I would like to thank you personally for helping with my divorce and child custody. However, as you know I am currently serving overseas. Being an active duty service member and a single parent can cause a lot of stress in one's life. My divorce was not your typical divorce and with your expertise and kindness it made a bad experience much less painful. Right off the bat you put me at ease by thanking me for serving our country. Your outstanding bedside mannerisms made it easy for me to talk to you about my situation. A lot of people do not understand the sacrifices active duty military members make, especially when it comes to our families. It can take a toll on the family due to continuous moves and deployments for sometimes a year at a time. Many times it can be very lonely for a spouse. You, however, did understand and appreciated what I do. You handled my divorce in a manner which was achievable from an overseas location. You made it go by quickly and helped set up custody for the most important person in my life, my son. He is the reason I get up every morning and put on this uniform. When he grows up I hope he can live a life free of war. I pray that he turns out to be a fine, honest, hardworking man like you are. I can't thank you enough for all you did for me continue to do for my military comrades. Your obvious patriotism radiates from you, and is truly refreshing. God Bless you Mark, and God Bless America! "

AA 1/18/07


"Mark Morse did the impossible for me. After I was taken off my disability insurance plan he won it back within the time frame he stated. He did a wonderful job getting me exactly what he said he could. My livelihood, my peace of mind back. I never thought I would be able to fight such a big company and was hopeless. I cried my heart out when he told me I won. I can smile again, thank you so much Mr. Morse. I can spend the rest of my life worrying about getting better and not wondering how to pay my bills. Thanks so much."

Sandra 9/28/16

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