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Animal Rights Law In Rhode Island

The Law Office Of Mark B. Morse, LLC is pleased to offer its services to Providence County & Kent County in Rhode Island. Our firm has been serving Providence and the surrounding cities of Cranston, Warwick, and Pawtucket since 1983, and we are committed to continuing a tradition of excellence in service in all of our practice areas.

Animal rights law is a fast-growing and evolving field of legal practice. As people grow in their understanding of animals and their experiences, many of the laws and statutes around animal rights litigation are in flux. Our firm has dedicated itself to understanding these changing factors and the precedents that are being set by animal litigation cases happening today.

When you are involved in a legal matter concerning the safety or ownership of animals, we understand that it can be very emotionally tumultuous. We strive to provide compassionate animal law services that you can trust.

Animal Rights Law In Rhode Island

Animal law is the field of legal practice that is based on the case law and statutes that are concerned with, or otherwise related to animals. These animals can be in any role, such as companionship, laboratory research, entertainment, and farming.

This field is particularly intricate as it intertwines with many other areas of law, including: criminal law and areas of civil litigation such as family law, environmental law, constitutional law, etc. Most of the law carried out on these subjects occurs at the state level, however there are laws that come down from the federal government as well.

Animals who are raised as pets, service animals, and companions are subject to many of the same rights that are recognized for humans. This means that companion animals may be subject to custody discussions in family law matters, or that companion animals may be considered the victims of criminal offenses. For instance, a pet left in the car for too long on a hot day or a pet that is being physically mistreated may be provided protection by law enforcement.

Animals who are being raised on farms, used in entertainment, and even wildlife animals can be subject to protection from environmental laws, anti-cruelty laws, and even human rights or immigration laws.

Other areas of animal rights law may include, but are not limited to: landlord/tenant disputes, veterinary malpractice, trusts for companion animals, breed-specific legislation, and wildlife management techniques.

What Can An Animal Rights Lawyer Do In Rhode Island?

An animal law attorney is able to advocate on the behalf of the rights of any animal, the animal’s owner, or any individual dealing with a legal matter that involves animals. Very often these legal practices center around the understanding that animals are sentient beings who experience pain and suffering and deserve care and protection.

Animal law matters may be of a criminal nature, or a matter of civil dispute. Whatever the case, an attorney will be able to provide expert legal counsel and representation in a field of law that remains complex and frequently changing.

Rhode Island Animal Law In Rhode Island

Rhode Island has recently abolished laws banning breed-specific adoption of cats and dogs, and has gone so far as to pass legislation that prohibits any city or township from enacting any such breed-specific legislation.

While there have been strides to legislate better treatment of pets in Rhode Island, it can be complicated to discern what your rights are as a prospective or current pet owner. If you have any questions about an animal law matter, speaking with an attorney is the best way to clear up any confusion and gain a clear understanding of your rights.

Animal Trusts In Rhode Island

Animal lawyers are expertly positioned to help you with setting up a trust for your pet. An extension of estate planning, Animal trusts are legally enforceable financial protections for the animals in your life.

A trust will specifically designate the way your animals are to be cared for when you are no longer able to do so, and set aside financial considerations in your estate to ensure that care is given.

Whether you have a farm full of different animals, or are looking to secure the future of a beloved family pet, a trust is one of the best protections you can provide.

Defense in Animal Law Cases In Rhode Island

There are cases of individuals who have legal action brought against them because of interactions with animals they have no connection to. It can be necessary to seek legal help when you are the defendant in a case in which you have been involved with an animal and their owner or another person is seeking to litigate against you.

Alternatively, in the case of a dog bite injury, you may need the legal representation of an animal lawyer who is expertly aware of laws surrounding the specifics of animal-involved personal injury claims. This expertise will usually provide you with a much higher likelihood of reaching a favorable outcome in your case.

The Importance Of Stopping Abusive Practices In Rhode Island

Animals are at the behest of the humans in charge of them. For this reason, the only way to stop abusive practices from occurring is by challenging the people that are taking part in them. In a legal context, animal rights litigation enables us to hold these actions accountable – whether that be in a civil or criminal context.

With the help of an adept animal rights lawyer, you will be able to establish justice for animals in the legal system. This can be done by approaching each individual abusing party, invalidating laws and regulations that harm animals, and defending animal protection laws that are under attack.

Our Legal Team in Providence, Rhode Island is Ready To Speak With You

Whatever your legal concerns regarding an animal law matter you may have, our attorneys are here to help. With nearly four decades of experience, The Law Office of Mark B. Morse, LLC have provided trusted legal counsel to members of the greater Rhode Island community.

If you are seeking the legal representation of an animal rights matter in Rhode Island, please don’t hesitate to contact The Law Office of Mark B. Morse, LLC for a complimentary consultation today. Our main office is located in Providence, and we are happy to provide a full range of legal services to the cities of Cranston, Warwick, and Pawtucket, RI.

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