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Vehicle Manufacturer Reveals Solutions to Prevent Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Road accident deaths stemming from collisions with large trucks are on the decline - which is excellent news. However, a recent analysis by Volvo Trucks reveals we don't have as much to celebrate with regard to truck accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. Action is necessary to slash the number of pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents...

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Rhode Island Hands-free Cell Phone Law Does Not Eliminate Distracted Driving Risks

Starting this month, Rhode Island drivers can be pulled over and fined $100 if seen with a mobile phone to their ear while behind the wheel. The state's hands-free driving law went into effect on June 1st. Providence Journal reports the law, which passed last year, is aimed at reducing the increasing number of fatal collisions...

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Safe Driving Tips for Avoiding Providence Traffic Collisions

There are many reasons why all Providence drivers should accept personal responsibility for enacting safe driving habits. In the most drastic cases, it can help drivers avoid criminal charges for traffic-related deaths, impaired driving, and other vehicular crimes. It can also help drivers avoid administrative consequences, such as points added their insurance policies or fines...

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Providence Patients Can Be Protected From Misdiagnoses

Diagnostic errors (misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose) injure many patients across the United States every year. These errors can result in hospitalization, surgery, paralysis, or even death. They cause victims and families to incur medical expenses in the face of lost wages, while also missing out on the relationships and activities of daily life. It...

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Providence Parking Lot Injury Risks Increase in Winter

Winter increases the risk of injuries and accidents in parking lots. But the truth of the matter is that parking lots are dangerous year-round. Anywhere motorists and pedestrians mix increases accident risks, and that's never more true than in parking lots, where vehicles are often backing out of spots, visibility is often reduced, and basic...

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Self-Driving Technology & Risks of Providence Traffic Collisions

When it comes to the future of motorist safety, the contest will not be man versus machine. Most safety advocates are already in agreement: machines win. Those injured in Providence find most commonly that human error is to blame. Many motorists assume self-driving auto technology is years away. They are wrong. Self-driving cars have already been...

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