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Suffered a brain injury that has left you debilitated and unable to do so many things you used to? The Law Office Of Mark B. Morse LLC. can be your advocate when pursuing legal recourse and help you to get your life back.

The brain is a vital organ, serving as the command center for everything you do, whether consciously or unconsciously. Controlling your nervous system, your brain regulates several things that not only make you you, but also keep you alive. Your brain is where processing problems, decisions, and reasoning as part of regulating cognition occurs.

Not only this, but your brain stores your memories, no matter how precious or horrifying they may be. Beyond this, it regulates your emotions, bringing life to the symphony you recently listened to or your favorite movie that makes you cry at the same part every time you watch it. The brain also controls your movement and autonomic functions, such as your heartbeat and digestion.

Life is difficult enough as it is, but suffering an injury to this core part of your body makes things exponentially more challenging. Disruptions or damage to your brain can have significant implications for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being well into the future. Things you once took for granted like being able to walk freely and take care of yourself may be a dream of the past if you suffer a debilitating brain injury.

When you suffer an injury to your brain because of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, Rhode Island courts recognize your suffering and allow you to seek recourse. Based in Providence, RI, Mark Morse, the brain injury lawyer at The Law Office Of Mark B. Morse LLC. helps you exercise that recourse and get your life back, to the extent that you can. I draw on my forty-plus years of experience to guide you through the process and get the results you need.

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What Is A Brain Injury?

Brain Injury Attorney, Providence, RI

First and foremost, a brain injury is just that – an injury to your brain. Brain injuries range in severity and cause. Common ones include:


These are generally considered mild traumatic episodes to the brain that occur as a result of a blow to the head. Common symptoms include headaches, dizziness, confusion, and problems remembering things.


These also are the result of something making a forceful impact with the head. Contusions are the bruises these impacts leave behind if the brain makes contact with the skull. The bleeding and swelling that typically follows can lead to bigger problems.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

These are generally more intense injuries that result from car accidents, falls, or sports injuries. Cognitive impairment, long-term behavior change, and permanent disability to motor function are common symptoms.

Penetrating Injuries

These are common in high-speed car accidents where debris penetrates the skull and damages the brain. The consequences of these injuries are incredibly severe, even life-threatening.

Diffuse Axonal Injuries (DAI)

Like penetrating injuries, these injuries are common in high-speed car collisions. These occur when the brain moves inside the skull and causes nerve fibers to be damaged, causing serious neurological problems.

Brain injuries are more than just injuries, however. Under Rhode Island brain injury settlement law, they take on a legal aspect. When you partner with the brain injury compensation attorney Mark Morse from The Law Office Of Mark B. Morse LLC., you have more than an attorney working for you – you have an architect of hope set on rebuilding your life.

How Can A Brain Injury Lawyer Help Me?

Brain Injury Attorney, Providence, RI

I recognize full well that a brain injury has massive implications for all aspects of your life. I use my experience and intense sense of empathy to fuel our way to a successful outcome.

I do my utmost to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve when it comes to all the medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and any other suffering you incur. I act on your behalf when engaging with insurance companies, which is a hassle without a severe brain injury, and if you need to take your case to trial.

I also bring you access to my network of medical care professionals who have a wealth of experience and compassion in treating people just like you.

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If you are in Providence, RI, and have suffered a brain injury, contact me today. I will listen to your story, get a sense of the depth of your injury, assess who may be liable for your injury, and immediately begin to develop a strategy to get you the compensation you deserve. Give me a call at (401) 831-0555 to see how I can help you in a time of such difficulty.

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Note: The above information does not constitute legal advice. Unless a retainer agreement has been signed, Mark B. Morse or The Law Office of Mark B. Morse, LLC is not your legal representative, and you should have no expectation that an attorney client relationship has been established.

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