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Suffering due to a broken bone? Get the legal help you need that can secure compensation for costs you've incurred. Mark Morse with The Law Office Of Mark B. Morse LLC. is a leading broken bones lawyer ready to help.

Life can and does throw us unexpected twists. Some of them are welcome, while others aren’t so much. When they involve broken bones, the life you once knew can be gone forever. Broken bones can, like anything else, vary in severity, as do the repercussions that follow.

Broken bones might not strike you as the most debilitating injury. Fair enough – more often than not, they aren’t. But there are plenty of instances where you’d find this opinion to be utterly wrong. Broken bones cause immense pain and discomfort to those who suffer from them. A combination of the fracture and the ensuing pain, more often than not, means that you’re not able to enjoy full and free mobility as you once did. This can be the case for a range of time, depending on the severity of the fracture and what bone is affected. This impediment of immobility can mean you are unable to work and incur expenses such as medical bills and rehabilitation costs.

When you suffer these things, especially financial loss, and in particular when it’s due to someone else’s fault, you have legal recourse in Rhode Island. But, like anything else, navigating a space where you have no experience or knowledge to work from can prove futile. That’s where Mark Morse from The Law Office Of Mark B. Morse LLC comes in.

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, I have over four decades of experience serving people just like you in the law. I draw on this knowledge and experience to steer you in the direction that will serve to fulfill your best interests. The road to recovery can be almost as complex as it is painful, but with me, this isn’t the case. I don’t just provide legal counsel and direction that gets you where you need to be, but the compassion that ensures you feel taken care of the entire time.

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How Can A Broken Bones Lawsuits Attorney Help Me?

Broken Bones Injury Attorney, Providence, RI

If you’ve suffered a broken bone due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation under Rhode Island law. The other party has a responsibility that they may have violated, and this may have caused the incident that resulted in you breaking your bone(s). If this is the case, you have every right to expect – and demand – they make you whole in every way possible. You can expect the following to you when you seek to exercise this recourse with me at your side:

A Wealth Of Legal Knowledge And Experience

I have a thorough knowledge of all federal and state tort laws. More commonly known as personal injury, these laws govern instances of damage or suffering caused by someone else. You might see a broken bone as nothing more than that, but depending on your specific injury, there may be a lot more to your case than you recognize.

Missing any time from work? Need to undergo rehabilitation? This is just the tip of the iceberg. I show you how deep the iceberg goes during a consultation where I assess your case in light of my knowledge and experience. My goal here is to give you an idea of what your road to justice may look like and the potential upside you have.

Identify Liability

Determining liability may seem straightforward – and sometimes it is. Other times, it may not be so much. I investigate all of the evidence to illustrate all of the circumstances leading up to the incident you suffered, whether a slip and fall or car accident, and build a robust line of argumentation that can sway anyone, from insurance companies to jurors.

Broken Bones Injury Attorney, Providence, RI

Thorough Relevant Medical Knowledge

Although I am not a doctor, I know what I need to regarding medicine and anatomy. This gives me an edge when crafting your story that I will present to the other side. You might be thinking, “Isn’t that what a doctor is for?” You are absolutely right. But wherever your case intersects with physical injury or treatment, I need to be able to hold my own. When something is beyond me, I call in expert witnesses to deliver a devastating blow to the other side.

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If you are in Providence, RI, and have broken bones, contact me today. In our consultation, I will listen to your story, determine who is liable, and develop the strategy you need to see justice. Give me a call at (401) 831-0555 to see how I can help you.

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Note: The above information does not constitute legal advice. Unless a retainer agreement has been signed, Mark B. Morse or The Law Office of Mark B. Morse, LLC is not your legal representative, and you should have no expectation that an attorney client relationship has been established.

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