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Rhode Island Burn Victims Recover Crucial Compensation With Providence Lawyer’s Help

If you have suffered bad burn injuries in Providence, Rhode Island, personal injury lawyer Mark Morse may be able to help you obtain significant financial compensation.

Burn injuries are some of the most painful, disfiguring, and traumatizing injuries you can suffer. And they are more common than most people realize. One study found that nearly three of every thousand workers in Rhode Island will suffer burns serious enough to require time off work or medical compensation.

Fortunately for Providence workers and other Rhode Island burn victims, the city is blessed with an abundance of exceptional hospitals where rapid and extensive treatment can help restore nerve and skin damage. Unfortunately, these treatments are often long and extremely expensive.

For boys like Juan, from one of Rhode Island’s many immigrant families, who nearly had his future taken away by bad burns during a city celebration, these treatments would not be available were it not for the help of personal injury lawyer Mark Morse. His private personal injury practice fights for burn injury victims to ensure they get the financial compensation they need and deserve.

Why Burn Injuries Are More Common In Providence, Rhode Island Than Most People Realise

When you think of a horrific burn injury, you are likely to picture open flames, perhaps a foolish child, or an item of clothing or hair that catches on fire. Hollywood has certainly taught us to fear open flames and hot items, but the truth is that there are many kinds of burn injuries, some of which are far harder to prevent and all too easy to cause.

Some of these lesser-known sources of burn injuries include:

  • Electrical burns, like those suffered by Juan, from electrocution or exposure to live wires or currents.
  • Chemical burns, from exposure to volatile or damaging chemicals or substances, including from lengthier exposure to milder forms of these chemicals.
  • Hot water or hot grease burns are especially common and dangerous in the food service industry, particularly among younger workers who lack training and experience.

If these injuries have one thing in common, it is that they are often caused by something in the victim's environment. All too often, horrific burns are due to dangerous or unsafe circumstances left unaddressed by those whose responsibility it is to fix them.

Individuals or companies can then be made to pay the burn victim for the cost and losses associated with their burns.

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How Can A Personal Injury Claim Help Providence Burn Injury Victims?

Burn Injury Lawyer, Providence, RI

If your burns were caused, even in part, by the negligence, recklessness, or carelessness of a supervisor,  employer, building owner, or business operator, they can and should cover the financial compensation you need.

The personal injury claim process needed to obtain that essential money is not easy, however, and insurance companies will often fight you every step of the way. This is why you need an experienced burn injury lawyer on your side.

Why Do Burn Injury Victims Need A Lawyer In Providence, Rhode Island?

Burns are more painful and take longer to heal and treat than most other kinds of wounds and injuries. As a result, they will have you in and out of doctor’s offices, needing physical therapy, cosmetic surgery, and other expensive treatments and interventions.

Considering most Providence burn victims are likely to be in lower-income working-class jobs, this is a huge barrier to treatment. Fortunately,  Providence attorneys like Mark Morse have extensive experience working with medical professionals. With their help, victims can often get treatment they cannot afford, so long as there is the possibility of payment on the horizon in the form of personal injury compensation.

What Financial Compensation Can A Lawyer Help Burn Injury Victims Obtain In Providence?

While medical bills, surgery costs, and ongoing treatments or therapy remain steep burdens every personal injury claim will include, they are far from the only costs associated with burn injuries that an attorney like Mark Morse can help you recover.

Personal injury compensation is meant to cover all the costs and losses associated with your injury. This includes:

  • Medical bills associated with your injury, including doctor’s fees, surgeries, medicine, therapy and more.
  • Time lost from work. Given how long it can take to recover from burns, lost income can quickly build up.
  • Lost labor or companionship around the home if you are unable to perform previous duties, chores, tasks, or roles.
  • Compensation for pain, suffering, trauma, and emotional harm. Burns are incredibly painful, and it can take months or even years to return to pre-injury norms.

While some of these harms are harder to measure than others, that is no reason for them not to be paid, in full, by the party responsible for your injuries. No matter what insurance companies try to argue.

Why Is It So Hard For Burn Injury Victims To Obtain Fair Compensation Without A Lawyer?

Burn Injury Lawyer, Providence, RI

While many of Providence’s hospitals regularly open their doors for burn victims to treat their injuries, Rhode Island insurers are far less cooperative. Especially since the insurer most likely to be responsible for covering your costs is not your own but that of the person or company whose negligence caused your injury.

In order to avoid paying you the full and fair amount you deserve, insurance companies will often:

  • Offer quick and woefully insufficient compensation packages before victims realize the extent of their injuries or costs.
  • Blame victims for the accident or circumstances that led to the burns to avoid having to pay out any personal injury compensation.
  • Delay or draw out the process so that you become desperate and accept a low-value settlement offer or fail to file a lawsuit in time to force them to pay the full amount.

Such tactics and more are employed every day by insurers against burn injury victims in Rhode Island. This is why Providence victims need a burn injury compensation lawyer on their side to force the insurance company to pay them what they need and deserve.

And the earlier you hire a strong personal injury lawyer with burn injury experience, the better your chances of recovering full and fair compensation as soon as possible.

Get Fast, Efficient, And Reliable Treatment For Burn Injuries

The faster you treat a burn and see the medical specialists you need, the better your chances of making a substantive and full recovery. The same is true for a personal injury claim.

The sooner you call (401) 831-0555 and reach out to lawyer Mark Morse and his Providence, Rhode Island, team, the sooner you will get the treatment and compensation you require to heal from your burn.

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