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Rear-End Collisions

An experienced Rhode Island car accident attorney

This type of car accident is very common, and can leave drivers and passengers with significant injuries. The fault in a rear-end collision is usually clear, but dealing with insurance companies can be difficult and frustrating. The Law Office of Mark B. Morse, LLC helps victims get the compensation they need and deserve to recover from their injuries.

Injuries suffered in a rear-end collision can vary, depending on the speed and severity of the crash. They can range from whiplash to more serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries. But any type of injury can leave you with mounting medical bills and unable to work, resulting in lost income.

Rear-end accidents happen for many reasons

There are different reasons why these types of collisions occur. Many times, a driver is following too closely and is not able to come to a complete stop in time. Or the driver was distracted and didn’t see the car in front had stopped until it was too late. Negligent drivers are almost always at fault for a rear-end collision.

But that doesn’t mean the at-fault driver will accept responsibility. Insurance companies may try to deny your claim, or reduce the amount of compensation you receive. They may even suggest you were somehow to blame for what happened. That’s why you need an experienced attorney on your side.

An attorney you can trust to fight for you

Attorney Mark B. Morse will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Our legal team will review your accident to get the facts. We know where to look for evidence that proves the other driver was to blame for the accident. We build a strong case that the insurance company has to take seriously.

Mark Morse has been fighting for clients for three decades, and knows how to bring insurance companies to the negotiating table to agree to a settlement that meets your needs. If the insurance company won’t negotiate, he will fight for you in court. Mark is a board-certified specialist in civil trial law and has won major awards for clients at trial. He won’t back down until he recovers compensation for your injuries.

If you’ve been injured in a rear-end collision, don’t delay. Contact us to learn more about how Attorney Mark Morse can help. We work on a contingency fee basis. You owe us nothing unless we recover for you.

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