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Bad weather can make driving much more difficult, and an accident can happen that leaves you seriously hurt. You deserve compensation for your injuries, but insurance companies don’t act in your best interests. That’s why you need an experienced car accident attorney on your side. The Law Office of Mark B. Morse, LLC helps victims or weather-related accidents get the compensation they need and deserve.

Snow, ice, sleet, torrential rain, fog and high winds are all examples of weather conditions that make driving difficult. They can make it much harder to control a motor vehicle or to come to a complete stop without sliding. Visibility can also be affected, making it very hard to see other vehicles or even the road itself. As a result, accidents happen frequently in bad weather conditions.

Weather-related crashes cause serious injuries

These accidents can cause serious injuries, ranging from muscle strains, sprains and broken bones to spinal cord injuries and head trauma. Injuries from your accident may require hospitalization, surgery, medication and physical therapy. The medical expenses for treatment can add up quickly. And while you are recovering, you may be unable to work, resulting in less money coming in.

Insurance companies are supposed to help in this kind of situation. But they are only interested in protecting their bottom line. They may question the circumstances of your accident, or suggest that you were at fault. Their goal is to pay you as little as possible.

An experienced lawyer will get to the bottom of what happened

Attorney Mark Morse has been representing people who were hurt in weather-related accidents for three decades. He knows the tactics insurance companies use and he doesn’t put up with them. He starts by reviewing your accident to find out what really happened, looking for evidence that helps your case.

When insurance companies see that Mark has built a strong case and is prepared to fight for you all the way, they usually agree to negotiate a settlement that works for you. But if they aren’t willing to negotiate, Mark will take them to court. He is a board-certified specialist in civil trial law and has won many major awards for clients.

If you were injured in a weather-related car accident, contact us. Attorney Mark Morse will meet with you personally. He wants to hear directly from you about what happened and find out what your needs are. 

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