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Our firm represents contractors, subcontractors, property owners, suppliers, material men, homeowners, and others in the area of construction law. Attorney Mark B. Morse has been representing clients since 1983. His extensive experience as a litigation attorney offers clients quality representation in high-stakes disputes.

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Complex Construction Law Litigation

Construction projects are complex by nature. Multiple groups need to contribute their part to achieve an end product. This is true for residential and commercial projects of all kinds: residential developments, retail space, commercial property, and substantial remodeling jobs. The more parties that are involved in the construction project, the more opportunity there is for a dispute to become complex. Our firm offers experienced representation in construction disputes. These issues include:

  • Supplier disputes
  • Disputes regarding the quality of services
  • Contract disputes
  • Contractor service disputes
  • Contractor payment disputes

Attorney Morse also offers representation in legal issues involving mechanic’s liens. He helps clients bring forward valid claims and defends against unnecessary actions for mechanic’s liens.

Building On Our Vast Knowledge

We draw upon our extensive experience in business and real estate law to advance our clients’ positions in disputes. The underlying issue is nearly always contract related, and contracts form the foundation of business and real estate law. Our knowledge of contracts and litigation gives our clients an edge in any dispute. Contact our firm to arrange a consultation.

Mark B. Morse, Esq.

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