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Vehicle Manufacturer Reveals Solutions To Prevent Pedestrian And Bicycle Accidents

  • By: Law Office of Mark B. Morse
  • Published: August 22, 2018
Vehicle Manufacturer Reveals Solutions To Prevent Pedestrian And Bicycle Accidents

Road accident deaths stemming from collisions with large trucks are on the decline – which is excellent news. However, a recent analysis by Volvo Trucks reveals we don’t have as much to celebrate with regard to truck accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. Action is necessary to slash the number of pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents involving trucks.

One analysis published in the in the journal Procedia: Social and Behavioral Sciences revealed that reducing the accident rate is something of a catch-22. People aren’t eager to walk or bike in heavy traffic. In cities like Providence, where the population is fairly dense, pedestrians and cyclists can suffer a substantial number of serious traffic injuries and deaths. But traffic congestion cannot be reduced while most trips are taken by car.

In order to promote cycling and pedestrian growth, the analysis recommended that trucks in urban areas be designed for better visibility (i.e., lowering the driver’s position), and incorporate technological features that are already used in passenger vehicles.

There are several other elements that could significantly lower the rate of these crashes, including:

  • Better roadway infrastructure
  • Improved trucking technology
  • Improved visibility/lighting
  • Higher safety awareness

Finding Solutions

Manufacturers of large passenger vehicles should do more to help prevent accidents with pedestrians and cyclists. In particular, many accidents in which pedestrians or cyclists are injured stem from riders and walkers unknowingly venturing into a blind spot. But there are blind spot warning systems now standard with most passenger vehicle systems. There is no reason such systems couldn’t be made standard in new trucks or retrofitted into old models. The only major impediment is cost.

In greater Providence, several high-profile pedestrian accidents have taken place in recent months. Those include:

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