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Rhode Island Professional Negligence Claim Attorneys Lawyer, Providence, Rhode IslandMoney is lost, legal cases are lost, property is lost, companies are lost – and sometimes lives are lost – because of the failures of various professionals to provide services that meet the standards in their field. Whether it was an error or willful misrepresentation, negligence or ineptitude, the result is that a client or a patient suffered a significant loss that should not have occurred.

Trying to hold professionals accountable for their work can be frustrating, time-consuming and even exhausting. It seems that the system is set up to work against you and that professional camaraderie prevents you from getting accurate information or honest answers from others in the field. You think something is wrong but you can’t get confirmation.

At the Law Office of Mark B. Morse, LLC, we are not afraid to tackle professional negligence cases, including legal malpractice. Your losses are real and significant. If the actions that led to your losses were wrong, you deserve to be compensated.

Contact the Law Office of Mark B. Morse, LLC to speak with a Providence professional malpractice attorney. Mark Morse is board certified in civil trial law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. He is highly skilled in business litigation at the state and appellate level. He can assist you with these types of professional negligence claims:

  • Accountants and accounting firms: Third-party investors often rely on an accountant’s certified financial statement when making a decision to invest in a company. An evaluation error or accounting error could result in investor losses or liability. Tax liability can occur from accounting errors.
  • Stockbrokers, financial advisors and financial firms: Financial professionals are particularly under the microscope for unethical and illegal actions such as deceptive statements regarding financial viability, incorrectly valuing or overstating the value of an investment, and selling inappropriate products that do not meet the stated interests and goals of the client.
  • Realtors and realty companies: Realtors are hired by one party in a transaction. Self-dealing or a failure of a realtor’s fiduciary duty to protect the client can result in a professional malpractice claim. Other claims of malpractice involve failing to disclose known problems with a property or misstatements of the nature of those problems and deceptive advertising.
  • Architects and engineers: Design failures in products or construction of structures can result in serious injury to a person or financial losses to a business or to homeowners.
  • Legal malpractice: While you may not be pleased with the outcome of a case, a successful claim of malpractice will rest on the basics. Did the lawyer fail to file your claim before the statute of limitations ran out? Did he or she fail to file required documents on time or accurately? Did she fail to perfect a security interest? Did he fail to contact you or to return calls, which then harmed your case?
  • Medical malpracticeDoctors, psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, surgeons – these medical professionals all must provide medical care in line with the generally accepted standard of care. Failing to do so can result in injury or death, and lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Holding Professionals Legally Accountable With A Qualified Attorney

In order to hold professionals accountable for their actions, it is critical that you maintain your own level of professionalism. Professional malpractice law is complicated, and for this reason, working with a legal representative that is familiar with these matters is essential.

Obtaining fair and full compensation for your losses requires distinct attention to detail. Given that professional negligence claims are often met with opposition, it is important to build a case that is evidence-based and credible.

At The Law Office Of Mark B. Morse LLC, we draw from years of experience to represent our clients with confidence and understanding. No matter what type of professional caused you or a loved one harm, it is our goal to help resolve these issues swiftly and effectively. Attorney Mark Morse has helped countless clients achieve successful professional negligence claims – and he’s prepared to do the same for you.

Competent Legal Help

Whether you are in Providence or anywhere else in the state, contact our Rhode Island professional negligence claim attorneys to learn more about your legal rights in civil court cases.

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