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Providence Lawyer Fights For Rhode Island Spinal Cord Injury Compensation

Have you suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury? Is a loved one paralyzed as you struggle to make ends meet? Personal injury lawyer Mark Morse fights for spinal cord injury survivors like you in Providence, Rhode Island.

Screeching tires. A loud bang. Enough pain to knock you out. The next thing you know, you wake up in one of Providence’s eight hospitals, and you cannot move your legs. Such spinal cord injuries are some of the most devastating and disabling injuries you can suffer, and even when they do not leave you paralyzed, the pain, treatment, and consequences can stretch out over decades.

As a result, spinal cord injuries are incredibly costly; on a personal and financial level, they can impact every sphere of your life. These costs can be as staggering and as crippling as the worst paralysis unless you are able to make the person responsible pay for them with a successful personal injury claim.

Fortunately for spinal cord injury victims in Providence, Rhode Island, they can count on the services of highly experienced personal injury litigation lawyer Mark Morse to make sure insurance companies pay their fair share.

What Are The Leading Causes Of Spinal Cord Injuries In Providence, Rhode Island?

If national statistics are anything to go on, most spinal cord injuries happen in car accidents or in falls.

However, these are far from the only causes of such devastating injuries. Spinal cord injuries can occur in everything from workplace accidents to shootings.

Unfortunately, regardless of their causes, all spinal cord injuries do have something in common: cost.

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Why Is It So Difficult To Get A Spinal Cord Injury Fully Covered By Insurance In Providence, Rhode Island?

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer, Providence, RI

Personal injury claims exist to help accident victims and those injured because of the negligence of others to claim compensation from the responsible person for the costs associated with that injury. Due to the extreme expense of medical care in the United States and the cost of all other losses, such as trauma or time off work, ordinary individuals cannot afford to pay, so they have to turn to insurance companies.

However, insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to avoid paying the full amount owed. They will try to dodge responsibility, blame pre-existing injuries, delay, and even deceive accident victims into accepting less. Even if insurance companies were to behave honorably, though, spinal cord injury victims run into another problem: insurance policy limits.

Spinal cord injuries are so expensive and last for so long that most ordinary insurance policy limits barely cover half of what is owed.

How Can A Lawyer Help Spinal Cord Injury Victims Obtain Full Compensation?

When up against an insurance policy company’s limits, some victims of spinal cord injuries might be tempted simply to take the money and leave it at that. However, this can leave them footing extensive and expensive medical bills while short the money they would have been earning otherwise if they were not injured.

This is almost always a mistake. Fortunately, as personal injury lawyer Mark Morse has helped his clients discover time and time again that with hard work and careful investigation, it is possible to get full coverage. He has guided client after client through the personal injury claim process, helping them seek out alternate sources of compensation.

Often, this involves finding other responsible parties, even partially responsible ones, such as the municipality for road or sidewalk maintenance or car manufacturers for contributing defects.

Sometimes, accident victims may even be able to obtain the rest of what they need after limits are reached from their own insurance company. For example, one Rhode Island spinal cord injury victim steeply increased their compensation, with the help of Providence attorney Mark Morse, by turning to their own insurance company for underinsured motorist coverage.

How Much Will A Top Tier Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Cost You In Providence, Rhode Island?

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer, Providence, RI

With all this talk of expense and payments, it is only natural to wonder whether spinal cord injury survivors can really afford the kind of legal representation it seems they need to recover damages.

But the real question is actually, can they afford not to? Insurance companies are loathe to pay and might only offer a decent settlement, or any at all, with the credible threat of court litigation looming over them. If you do not have a good lawyer, they may refuse to pay or offer you pennies for each dollar you deserve.

Fortunately, spinal cord personal injury lawyers like Mark Morse are far easier to afford than you think. This is because, in all but the most extreme cases, they will require only a contingency-based payment. This means rather than paying them upfront or during the process, they will take a pre-determined percentage of your final settlement.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Mark Morse | Providence, Rhode Island, spinal cord injury recovery options and paths to get you back on your feet.

You or your loved one may not be able to stand or walk after a devastating accident or spinal cord injury. But you can take the first step towards financial compensation.

All you have to do is call (401) 831-0555 now to schedule a consultation with Spinal Cord injury attorney Mark Morse and his team. They will help you take on the insurance company, identify alternate funding sources, and recover full and fair compensation.

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