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Rhode Island Distracted Drivers Pose High Crash Risk

Rhode Islanders have been rated among the most distracted drivers in the country, according to a new study described as the biggest ever on the issue. Zendrive, a traffic analytics start-up, recently took on the issue of distracted driving by tapping into data from 3.1 drivers with smartphones across the country between December 2016 and...

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Tort Reform Threatens Viability of Injury Claims in Providence, RI

According to the Washington Post, federal lawmakers will be mulling a series of legislative actions that could upend protections for plaintiffs in civil injury, malpractice and consumer rights claims. These proposals, which some legislators believe are necessary to stop frivolous lawsuits and drive down healthcare costs, could make it much more difficult for victims to effectively...

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Aggressive Drivers Are Increasing Providence Car Accident Risks

Accidents can happen for many different reasons. More often than not, driver negligence is the catalyst. Human error, often simple mistakes, are the cause of a significant number of motor vehicle crashes. Unfortunately, around half of all deadly accidents may be caused by something more sinister than just a simple mistake. Approximately 50 percent of all...

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What if Stores Don't Prevent Holiday Accidents During the Holiday Season?

The holiday season sends lots of people to stores to shop for gifts and decorations. Unfortunately, some of those people visiting stores are likely to be hurt while shopping. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates there are around 250 people injured every single day during the holiday season. If a store fails to maintain its...

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Self-Driving Cars: The Future Is Not Quite Here

Uber recently unveiled their self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. The cars are capable of driving passengers to their destination unassisted. However, in each of these cars, an Uber engineer is in the driver's seat, ready to take control of the car if necessary. Self-driving technology is still in the testing stages and has a long way to...

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